Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Time for an update, it has been a while.
Groningen: the conference was good, a lot of very clever people all discussing what they can offer patients and what research needs doing to improve the treatments. There are still distinct fractions, such as radiotherapists versus surgeons, but there was good conversation also between the groups so I hope the differences in opinion are getting less. After all we all want what is best to slow or halt the disease, never mind how it is done. Abstracts of the presented papers can be found online:  (scroll to the bottom) and the talks will be put on YouTube.
The Dupuytren's Foundation is hoping to set up a databank with samples from as many ppatients as they can get, to aid in identifying the cause of the disease. PLEASE HELP!! Go to this website  and register for the newsletter, they will let you know as soon as the study starts . It would mean having a bloodsample taken, that's all. Anyone with Dup's or Ledderhose in any country, please join.
Since then the website is being transferred, we found a good server but it means I can't update any pages untill the transfer is complete.
I have met up with Lorraine and Louise from Say Communications, Sobi has kindly agreed to fund a secretariat function for 2 days per month for the next 6 months, and Louise will look into funding, membership, a new logo, newsletters to GP's.. all these things we wanted for the BDS but did not have time to do. So all in all the BDS is moving forward. We have 350 followers on our Facebook page, and the Dup Ld and related conditions group is oding even better with 406 members.
All we need now is a cure!


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  1. The help from Sobi sounds wonderful. There's so much to be done and you have a full time job already. We need to think carefully about what you want a secretary to do, so the resource is used to the best ability.