Sunday, 13 October 2013

NICE apraisal volunteers

We have found some people willing to help with the NICE appraisal of collagenase, thanks you so much to those who volunteered! Never too late for more though, so if someone was thinking about it- please get in touch!
I have spend some time going through all the papers and sending out emails, but it is paying off.
I noticed while searching the internet for any news on Dupuytren's that our old website is still being found by the search engines, the redirect seems to be only on the home page and all the rest still works as before, So I'm going to have to do something about that. Phoned my brother for advise: 'just put a robot.txt file on the pages!'  What?? As I don't have a clue, I am afraid that will be another job for Paul Adamson our IT volunteer, to either do the file thing or talk me through it step by step ( I need an idiot guide to websites)
It will probably have to wait a few weeks. For now the NICE appraisal keeps me busy. Lots of papers to read, sign, send up, you think you've done all for the weekend, come back from the post-office and there is another email with more forms to sign. I just hope the outcome is positive, so it will have been worth it.
On a positive note Judith has agreed to stay on as trustee for the time being, will do as much or as little as she can depending on health and other demands on her time. So at least that is good. And a few people who contacted me said they'd like to help not just with the appraisal but other things as well maybe, so I have made a file of their names. We will be contacting you!
Thanks again to everyone for their positive replies.


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