Thursday, 31 October 2013

Nice appraisal nominations done

Yes, all the nominations have been send in, most within the deadline, 2 were a bit late but only a few days, and that was no problem. Now we will wait and see who gets asked for more information.
Thank you to Henk, Chris, Alistair, Rodney, John, Peter, Philip, and Henry for filling in the forms and agreeing to help with the appraisal, Nice needs all the experts they can get!
So now I can start thinking about the charity again, we have one, possibly 2 more trustees lines up so hopefully we'll have some new ideas and fresh input soon. And it is coming to be time for another AGM as well soon! Feels like last months we had one, but the weather outside tells me winter is approaching just like it was last time. So that will need sorting out as well, it would be really bad to start postponing AGM's so early in the life of the charity. I suppose. Or is it acceptable?
Anyway, let the other trustees think about that one.
I have been approached by a journalist from Mancunian Matters, done an interview with him and passed on a few names of people willing to do interviews. He only wanted people in the North West, so not all names were useful to him, but I hope he has enough to be getting along with. If the article comes online we'll get a link to it on Facebook, and maybe on the website.
That is what has been keeping me busy the past few weeks, now I need to go through paperwork for the meeting with Nice on 22nd November, and we need to try and coordinate software with the IDS, because every time we email each other someone can't read the files, or does not have the right program. Apparently some sites let you have software at discounted rates if you're a charity, but I need to check how many users you can have it for then. For now I'll keep using free programs, that is my favourite price.
I'll keep you all updated on Nice and the eventual AGM.

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