Sunday, 25 August 2013

Since coming across this page of the Dupuytren's Foundation I have spend a lot of time updating my Dupuytren's library. I now have over 1,400 articles and my personal Mendeley account is full. Fortunately they gave us a year free group account for the charity, and that contains 2 GB so far, and can go up to 100 GB so I can continue collecting for a while!

On a sad note: our chairperson Judith has decided to step down for personal reasons, so now we are down to 2 trustees. We have put feelers out to see if some of the people who helped us when we started the charity would be willing to step in, if not there will be a public appeal. For now we will wait a few weeks for any replies, but any volunteers who would like to be involved please contact us through the website or facebook.

NICE have to decided to go ahead with the appraisal of Xiapex, which means they are going to decide if it should be available on the NHS or not. So far they have not taken any of our comments or suggestions on board, but we'll keep trying. They don't expect to decide anything before 2015, so don't get excited folks! lol.

We have a beautiful picture on our website, courtesy of Megan Lindquist. Lovely cheerful waving hands. Dupuytren's patients are a good bunch.

That's it in a nutshell for our news, I will keep you all informed if anything else happens.

Oh and Wigan won the Challenge Cup! YEAH!!!

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