Monday, 31 May 2021

An update

Time for an update. A call has gone out for abstracts for the oncoming (virtual) Dupuytren conference, this time the accent will be on research. Anyone with research they can and want to present to other researchers and Dupuytren doctors or advocates, please respond! " The International Conference on Dupuytren and Related Diseases is back on track for 2021. Reinvented. COVID-proof. 100% virtual and better than ever. We've fixed the two major problems with international virtual conferences: Problem 1: An all-day live virtual conference can not fit 24 different time zones. Solution: Divide the conference into short sessions, ninety minutes maximum. Host one session every two weeks. Go live at the best time for simultaneous participation in Europe, the Americas, and Australasia. Problem 2: Virtual conferences can be boring. Solution: Register now for pre-conference access to pre-recorded presentations. Watch and submit your questions ahead of time. Live chat during each session with speakers and attendees. This will be a more engaging, intimate experience, more like expert small group discussions than large auditorium lectures. We're very excited to lead the way with this new collaborative model for scientific advancement. Speaker Call for Abstracts: Share your work with the world! Submit your presentation abstract now to Learn. Lead. Help forge a better future for Dupuytren and related diseases. Don't miss this unique opportunity! See details at" Other news: The Dupuytren Award has been decided, this years winners are: In the category “Basic Research”: - Lynn Williams et al. "Identifying collagen VI as a target of fibrotic diseases regulated by CREBBP/EP300" PNAS 117 (2020) 20753–20763. The award is shared with - Thomas Layton et al. "Cellular census of human fibrosis defines functionally distinct stromal cell types and states" Nature comm (2020) 11:2768 In the category “Clinical Research”: - Osaid Alser et al. "Serious complications and risk of re‑operation after Dupuytren’s disease surgery: a population‑based cohort study of 121,488 patients in England" Nature Sci Rep (2020) 10:16520 Massive congratulations to the winners! We are so happy that research is ongoing to find new and better treatment options for us. We have added a new webpage to our site. This is NOT meant to diagnose any patients, merely to say : a lump may not be Dupuytren's, there are other possible diagnoses and most are benign. Do get any new lump checked out by a qualified doctor!

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