Thursday, 31 October 2019

Xiapex bad news

Dear folks

We have some potentially really bad news. It would seem Endo Pharma, the company that produces and sells Collagenase clostridium histolyticum (=Xiapex), is planning to stop all exports to Europe.
This would mean no more Xiapex available for Dupuytren's or Peyronie's anywhere in Europe.
Sobi, the company who distributes the product in Europe are not very happy about this, and of course neither are we!
I am waiting to have confirmation in writing but have been told verbally that this is indeed happening, though we don't know the timescale.
There are so many things wrong with this scenario - it is not a matter of product efficacy or safety. More likely that Endo wants to concentrate on the (more lucrative) US market only (not sure about Asia or Canada, but the distributor in Japan has filed an injunction to try force Endo to keep supplies coming, so I suspect Asia is affected by the decision as well.)
What can we do? I am not sure. But I am planning to send an email to every Endo email address I can find online, telling them what I think of their decision.
Meanwhile- what? Hand surgeons and urologists don't know what is going to happen either, and stockpiling is not possible if we can't get a larger than normal supply in.
More as soon as I hear it, and anyone who wants to see the letter I wrote (not send yet) or the email addresses I found, ask me-
May be a few days before I answer as I hope to get an email address from an Endo employee who can actually fight on our behalf. But if not, I think maybe we should just bombard them with emails telling them what we think.

As soon as I hear more, I will let you know!

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