Tuesday, 3 July 2018

good news for Ledderhose patients in Glasgow

Some good news!

In the Beatson Centre in Glasgow patients from West Scotland can receive radiation treatment for Ledderhose. Patients from other parts of Scotland can ask their clinicians to apply but are not guaranteed to be accepted. Clinicians are to contact Mr Schipani for more information.

The first patient is actually being treated this week, I hope the response to treatment is good and the clinicians are happy about this new treatment modality.

On a sad note the NHS is considering restricting certain operations even more, and Dupuytren's surgery is one of the procedures named as 'ineffective' and doing more harm than good. The Hand Surgeons (BSSH) have already made a statement and I have offered the Charities help if there is anything we can do in a consultation to show surgery is effective.

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