Monday, 23 October 2017

surgery app testers needed

We need your help! We hope to assist in the production of an app to help patients prepare for Dupuytren's surgery and the recovery afterwards. This prototype needs to be tested by as many patients as possible, preferably those who have had surgery (fasciectomy), are waiting for surgery or are considering it.
If you think you can help, please reply to the email address on the text below.

Introducing the British Dupuytren’s Society surgery app
The British Dupuytren’s Society is working with the team at on a smartphone and tablet app to help people get ready for and recover from Dupuytren’s contracture surgery.
The app is a digital companion for anyone having Dupuytren's surgery and includes videos that highlight the main points for each stage, alongside interactive exercises and useful information for every step of the treatment journey.
The app is in constant development and we are currently recruiting patients for our "Expert Patient Tester Group," to gather feedback, suggestions and ideas for how the app can help people in the best possible way. 
If you are interested in testing the app, let us know or contact the myrecovery app team directly ( and they will help you get started. 
Many thanks – we look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions!


  1. If the bds email does not work email me and I will forward your email address.

  2. Hello all, A big thanks to everyone for comments and suggestions! We have made a good number of updates since and we've also made it easier to sign up for the app via:
    All the best and very best wishes!