Monday, 22 May 2017

News for Peyronie's patients

Earlier this month the American Urology Association had a large conference meeting with specialists from all over the world presenting their latest thoughts and trial results. One of the (many) subjects covered was Peyronie's.
Two interesting and encouraging developments:
One: it would seem that using collagenase (Xiapex) is safe in an earlier stage than so far indicated, so maybe patients can get relief earlier and may not have to wait till the condition is stable for two years. This would be off licence treatment, not supported by the manufacturer at this stage. But is it hopeful!
This was presented by Dr James E Anaissie from Tulane, New Orleans.
The next very interesting poster was by our trustee Mr David Ralph from London, who has trialled a shortened course of Xiapex injections for Peyronie's, which will give faster relieve and be less costly. The results were excellent, again this would be off licence, not what the manufacturer recommends, but it does seem effective and offers faster results!

I am very happy to see progress is being made in how best to treat Peyronie's patients. Thank you to the doctors devoting their time to this!

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