Monday, 6 February 2017

BSSH days over, now we need a secretariat

Well the BSSH days are over, it was a busy time but very good to be there. So many aspiring hand surgeons, such young people who are working hard to learn how to treat us, kudos to them all. That is dedication for you.
And I hope now a lot more know that their patients can approach our charity for some emotional help and reassurance. A big thank you to Ian Ireland for spending a whole Friday helping us, chatting to doctors and other exhibitors and spreading the word that there is a Dupuytren's charity.
And it was good to meet our trustee Mr Dominic Furniss who was there to share his expertise with the next generation.
I also met a few doctors who treat Dupuytren and who's name was not on our doctors and clinics page yet, that has been rectified!
So now forward with the charity, Gemma has sadly left us as the funding has been withdrawn, so ideally now we are looking for one or more volunteers to take over her secretariat job.
And if we could find patients willing to organise get-togethers in their area, that would be so good! We could have groups of patients meeting up and chatting about their experiences in different areas of the country. I am considering a 'North West England' patient group, maybe just to meet once or twice per year in a park or pub, for a chat and a lemonade.
Please Tweet Facebook email or get in touch any other way you can.

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