Tuesday, 13 September 2016

More good news on the trustee front

Dear all.

We are able to introduce two more trustees, Mr Richard Shaffer has agreed to join us and become our second radiation therapy expert and trustee; and Mr Dominic Furniss has become a trustee, his help will be invaluable as he is not only a Dupuytren's surgeon but he is principal investigator of the BSSH genetics of Dupuytren's disease consortium.

We are very lucky and extremely honoured to have the trustees we have, not just our two newest but all of them are very clever and dedicated people.

The next step is building up our patient member base, we need people with web skills, fundraising skills, designer skills, patient support skills, any skill or just good intention to help us support patients all over the country, and sometimes even further away.

Don't forget the focus group meeting in London at the end of this month (see our previous blog or our website or facebook page).

Finally the Oxford team is running another study, DISCO (don't start singing it!), for which they want people to fill in a questionnaire and send them a picture of their hands, to find out how Dupuytren's disease affects the community and the individual people. DISCO people!

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