Tuesday, 16 August 2016

New trustees

Great news today! We have two new trustees, to help our charity.

Dr George Flanagan, podiatrist surgeon with a special interest in Ledderhose has agreed to join on the Ledderhose side of things, and will be working closely with Gary. Dr Flanagan works in Blackpool NHS hospital, and in private practice in Fylde, and is sure to be an asset to our charity.

Mr David Ralph is joining us on the Peyronie's side. He has already worked with Birgir and Mr John Glees on the recent awareness campaign, and has agreed to become a permanent trustee. He has published extensively on Peyronie's and has a lot of experience treating men with the condition. We are extremely lucky to have him on board.

Welcome gentlemen, thank you so much for your efforts to help in fighting these diseases.

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